4 Life Skills to Start Working on Today

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The new year is upon us, and along with the celebrations comes a time for looking inward and focusing on what is truly important in life and how you want to improve in the new year. All of us have weaknesses and strengths. We all have a natural tendency to want to improve, yet it’s hard to make changes sometimes.

We are creatures of habit, by nature. We are human and humans all make mistakes. The road to progression is often met with road blocks: challenges, mistakes, misfortune.

However, you are telling yourself a big fat lie, if you say, “it’s just who I am, I can’t change.” Yes…YOU CAN! You can learn how to improve. You can learn how to have greater happiness and satisfaction in life. You can take your weaknesses and make them strengths if you want to.

If you aren’t sure where to start, which areas of your life to work on first, let me suggest four life skills that are worth working on today. I believe that mastery of these four skills will greatly enhance your life. They will also lay the ground work for upward movement and will become the building blocks for future success.

4 Life Skills to Start on Today

Life Skill #1 – Self Confidence

How do you feel about yourself today? If you looked yourself in the mirror, would you see someone that you liked, or someone that you aren’t the biggest fan of? Are you comfortable with what you have accomplished so far in life, or do you wish you did more?

Confidence, in its simplest form, is a believe and trust in yourself. Learning how to believe and trust in yourself can take some time…but I promise it is absolutely worth it!

If you are currently struggling with your self-image, then take a deep breath…exhale…and get ready to make some changes.

Place to Start: Understand Who You Really Are – The road to becoming confident in yourself begins with understanding who you really are. You were born with strengths and capacity to do GREAT THINGS. You have the gifts to be able to handle the life that you are living.

Take some time to learn more about who you are, what you like and dislike, and your strengths and weaknesses. The overarching idea here is to find out more about yourself, which will help you get on a better path towards greater self-confidence.

Life Skill #2 – Money Management

Money management can be a broad topic. If you are struggling with your financial life, I would recommend starting with the basics. Learn how to budget, how to save money, and how to get out of debt. A lot of us are living life with financial burdens, and along with those burdens comes stress and anxiety. It’s a big deal.

If you can learn how to properly manage your money, then you will be relieving a huge financial headache. You will also help set yourself up for a better life with greater savings and spending power. This will ultimately give you a better life experience over all.

Place to Start: Set Some Goals – Goal setting is powerful! It helps you to come up with a game plan to take your current weaknesses and make them strengths. When you are ready to make financial progress, then start by setting some reasonable goals that will help you stretch. Whatever those goals are, write them down, work on them, and watch as you start to improve.

Life Skill #3 – Problem Solving

Life is hard. As part of life, we are all prone to experience problems, trials, heartaches, pain, etc. Learning how to be a good problem solver will help better your life. Why? Because many of the problems that we experience in this life are self-inflicted (not all, but many).

Learning how to solve these problems ahead of time will remove the heartaches and pain before they even become a problem. Problem solving can be a skill that takes a while to master, but if you can master it, you will get your life back on track before you experience the negative side effects of self-inflicted wounds.

Place to Start: Identify the Issue – If you can identify the issue, you will be one step closer to solving the problem before it occurs. Identifying a problem can certainly be a difficult task. So start by looking inward and trying to detect the root problem. What is the problem really? Spend some time on this, and make it count. Once you have identified the issue, you will be able to take steps to remedy the issue.

Life Skill #4 – How to Listen and Communicate

We all have someone close to us that just doesn’t know how to listen. Don’t be that person! Learning how to listen to others will greatly impact your life. Others will respect you and naturally want to be around you more.

Communication is a tough skill to master. It’s something that we do every day of our lives, but it is often overlooked. While it is hard to master, it can pay some serious dividends down the road.

Place to Start: Stay Positive And Never Give Up – On your road to better listening and communication, don’t worry about making mistakes. There’s no shame in making a mistake or two. We all come short of our goals…no one is perfect. Stay positive and never give up. Truly listening can be hard, and as the saying goes, “practice makes perfect”.


Yes, we are creatures of habit; however, when it comes to personal development, you don’t have to just go with the norm. You CAN change! You can become a better person. You definitely have the gifts and talents that you need to change your life for the better.

You can become someone who has confidence, who keep their financial life in check, who knows how to solve problems, and who can effectively listen and communicate with others. Consider how much better your life would be if you were a master of these four important life skills. These four life skills are worth working on today! Don’t let the new year slip by… take advantage and reap the rewards.

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After spending six years in the accounting, retirement, and financial realm, Jacob turned his attention to teaching others about important life skills. He works with clients one on one, in addition to teaching others through his website PowerOverLife. Jacob currently lives in Gilbert, AZ with his wife and 1-year-old daughter.

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