A Constant Flow of Ideas


A constant flow of ideas.

It’s not hard to think of new ideas. We have them all of the time: at work, at home, in the shower, and before bed. In fact, we are constantly thinking. Generating new thought after new thought.

Writer’s block? It must be a myth. I hear people say “they can’t think of anything” – but I don’t believe them. Often I find it harder to stop the flow of ideas, rather than to get it going.

The problem isn’t that someone can’t think of anything. This rarely happens. The problem is that people can’t think of anything that they think is good enough.

That’s a key distinction.

Get rid of the “I can’t think of anything” excuse.

Next time you find yourself using the “I can’t think of anything” excuse, I want you to look a little deeper.

Ask yourself: is it really true that you can’t think of anything – or do you just not like the ideas you have?

How good ideas are actually born.

An average idea can become a good idea over time. But that will never happen if you wait for that one golden moment. The truth is you need to take what you have and start building off of it. Now.

During most creative projects, the final product often looks drastically different than the original idea. This is why taking action on an idea is often more important than waiting for that “right” idea to come to you.

You may think you have the best idea in the world, but if you can’t put it to action then it’s worthless.

And you may have a mediocre idea, but when you begin playing with it, something beautiful can begin to grow.

The key to developing good ideas is to take what you have and start from there.

Don’t wait.

I know you have ideas. And you know you have ideas. So just grab one of your many ideas and start working with it. Play with it – and see what it transforms into. You’ll probably be surprised with what you come up with.

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