Broadcasting Your Voice: What’s Your Signal-To-World Ratio?

Self-empowering individuals know how to attract others and get them to listen. They are able to put a megaphone to their inner voice and broadcast their ideas loud and clear to whomever is worth the time of day.

On the other end of the spectrum there are those who seldom let their thoughts be known. Perhaps due to some fear of being ridiculed or rejected, these individuals would rather live in their heads than provoke the reality outside of themselves.

We all lay on this spectrum to different degree, some of us leaning more one way than another; I like to call this our “Signal-To-World” ratio.


Voice of change

Through our words we all have the capacity to change something about the world, to shed awareness on things that others have ignored, and motivate like-minded individuals toward a greater course of action.

We don’t necessarily need a soapbox and a megaphone, we speak our thoughts throughout everyday conversation: around family, friends, coworkers, and casual acquaintances.

Unless we live deep in some long-lost cave in Tibet, or we are dead, it is hard not to make some sort of impact onto our world. With this being known, we all have some bit of a signal-to-world ratio, even if we willfully deny our interconnectedness and responsibility towards others.

Boosting your signal

First we must recognize ourselves as the agents of change that we really are, and then we need to ask, “In what ways can I make this voice be heard more clearly?”

I was always a fairly introverted child; you could say my signal-to-world ratio was very low. I first turned to poetry and music to help express and share myself with others, and now my biggest pride is this very blog you are reading. Any creative endeavor can be used to inspire and spark the interests of others.

However, it takes dedication to ensure that your signal is reaching others effectively. You must be aware of your intentions and when your message is being misinterpreted. Sometimes we can be speaking at the top of our lungs, but if it just blends into all the other noise of the world then our signal won’t be heard.

Action and activism

Making our voices heard requires commitment and action. This means getting up off our butts, stirring the waters of reality, and trying to make something happen!

It means we have a vision, a way we picture how the world should be, and a path to get there. Whether it is organizing a protest in front of the Whitehouse or even going to a job interview – our signal to the world must be as clear and understandable as possible.

So what do you have to say? When you look at the world where do you see changes to be made? Find the time and work towards getting something accomplished.

Tune in to others

Sometimes making our voice be known means speaking in unison with the voices of others.

There is no need to overpower all the other signals of the world for ours to be heard. All we simply need to do is find a place where our voice resonates. There may already be some organizations that support your beliefs. Why not work with them? This all goes back to the old adage, “Two heads are better than one.”


Example: “Everything is OK.”

Recently I came across a very interesting video of a few protesters in England.

Although I typically have disdain for those who walk around public streets aiming to provoke and intimidate others, these protesters have something unique going for them. They use satire and asinine statements in an entertaining and meaningful way – and it actually gets people to listen to what they are saying!

The message of their protest is clear and simple, and that is what gets their signal heard. While these individuals speak out about how “Everything is OK and safe,” the real message is that blind obedience is stupid, and it turns us all into nothing but zombies, with our 9-5 jobs and our lack of any zest for life.

Check it out:

In many ways this video summarizes the same sentiments I am conveying in this post.

What’s your signal-to-world ratio?

What it all boils down to by the end of the day is how much are you really being heard? Are you the agent of change that you want to be? Is your signal coming out loud and strong, or is it just a buzz in the background of this busy world? I don’t expect you to be the next Gandhi or Martin Luther King Jr., but I do want to see more people following their hearts and becoming the change they wish to see in the world.

So do me a favor and let your voice be heard. What type of things do you do on a daily basis to make your opinion be known?

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