Calling All Heroes Of The World: Yes You!


Evil Requires The Sanction Of The Victim

The evils we believe to be in our life only exist in so far as we allow them to. What we can’t stand about our world, we owe it to ourselves to change. What we love about word, we must nurture and protect. This is my basic philosophy for achieving a noble and dignified life.

Lately I have been feeling distressed and helpless. It has been several months now since I have graduated college and I am still unemployed, without a clear path or direction. I am also experiencing trouble at home with family and friends, and a lack of fulfilling relationships. I miss romance, success, and happiness. I am disappointed in society and government and where I see it heading. In all aspects, my life is at a standstill. I feel trapped.

Yet I am strangely optimistic. I rarely lose sight of that empowering sense of heroic individualism that I believed in ever since I was a child. I never let go of those dreams. For better or worse, I am here to stay, even when I feel compelled to quit. I can’t just let these injustices be, not when I have been blessed with the abilities to reason, innovate, and change.

All I Can Count On Is My Mind

In thick and thin, all I can count on is my mind. This blog is an extension of that consciousness, a creative product under no jurisdiction but my own. I may update it once a day or only once a year, but it is always here for me to add or subtract to, like a sculptor working on his or her masterpiece. Thinking and writing are tools no one can take away from me, the only resource needed being the breath of life itself.

Where my mind takes me is up to me and me alone. How I choose to see and change the world is my choice, and it is my moral duty to not let that decision be made by anyone else. This is the only responsibility I am indebted to, nothing and no one else.

High Esteem

For most who have met me or read my writings they know I hold myself at a high esteem. It may be mistakened for arrogance, but it’s not; I have no choice but to be confident in my abilities, anything less and I risk selling myself short – an injustice to not only me but the entire world. I ask everyone to do the same.

Clear Visions

Our abilities to mold our world depend on our abilities to see what is not yet so. The clearer we see, the greater chance we have to follow through on these visions. What determines the clarity of our seeing is our consciousness of the world around us and our ability to infer and imagine. To do this we must step outside the narrow visions of the present moment, discover truth that is timeless, and through that wisdom pursue change that can last.

Infinite Karma

Through our actions and speech we change how others think, feel, and see. They respond in kind, and thus we set forward an untraceable string of cause-and-effect. This is our karma. We may never see the fruits of the seeds we sow, but we can have confidence that if we nurture them they will grow. Thus through our own heroic actions, we inspire the heroes of tomorrow and so on; the change we create is infinite. If that isn’t a super power, then I don’t know what is. The legacy you choose to leave is up to you.

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