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An Introduction To Awareness, Attention, And Trance

Learn more about how our mind’s eye works and how to get into deeper states of trance.

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Joe Rogan’s Isolation Tank And Sensory Deprivation

Many of you might be aware of comedian and actor Joe Rogan from the game show Fear Factor. It is also widely known among fans about his experimentation with psychedelic drugs like DMT, which is a naturally-occuring tryptamine in the human body, a neurotransmitter some speculate plays a role in mediating the visual effects of […]

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HowCast Videos: Basics To Practicing Buddhist Meditation

Learn the basics about Buddhist meditation.

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This Too Shall Pass: A Lesson In Impermanence

A Jewish folktale and how it relates to the Buddhist concept of impermanence.

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Letting Go Of “Success” On The Meditative Path

What does it mean to meditate? And how not to jump to conclusions…

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