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Positive Peer Pressure

We often think of the term peer pressure to be a negative thing. We imagine teens trying to persuade other teens to do drugs, have reckless sex, or ditch school. But peer pressure is really just anytime our peers encourage us to change our values, attitudes, and behaviors. And it doesn’t always need to be […]


10 Personal Development Blogs You Should Check Out

As someone who keeps a very watchful eye toward the personal development blogosophere, I can tell you first-hand that there are a lot of really great (and often underappreciated) sites out there which offer incredible amounts of information, wisdom, and perspective. I feel I’d be doing my readers a big disservice by not mentioning these […]


10 Kick Ass Pics for Motivation and Personal Development

I’m a big collector of images designed for motivation and personal development. You can often find me sharing various ones I find across the internet on my Facebook page (and they are almost always a hit with followers). I recently put together a folder of 100 images I’ve collected over the past few months, and […]


Emotional Independence

What are some effective ways we can overcome “situational happiness” and instead begin to develop our own deeper sense of “emotional independence,” despite what our current life situation may look like. Emotional independence is a process in which we learn how to exercise greater control and will-power over our internal states. The opposite of emotional […]


Motivated By The Taste of Success

When we focus on what we have already accomplished throughout our lives, it often becomes easier to continue making progress. Our past experiences become a motivational tool. And once we get a taste of success, we develop an appetite for more. If there is one thing I’ve learned since studying and practicing personal development, it’s […]