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You Are Not Your Mental Disorder

Individuals should be cautious not to fully identify with their mental disorder. Instead, they should leave themselves open to expand themselves by creating new meaning in their lives.

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One Caveat To Every Piece of Personal Development Advice Ever

As someone who discusses, thinks, and writes about personal development on a daily basis, I occasionally worry about the people who may have tried out my advice and gotten poor results. In an indirect (but ultimately real) way, I am partly responsible for the pain I may have caused in people’s lives when they follow […]

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Habits Matter

Our psychology and mental health is a two way street. Our internal states can affect our actions and habits, but our actions and habits can also affect our internal states. Studies have shown that changing our facial expression and posture can influence what we think and feel about our world. For example, in one study […]

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Not Everything Is In Your Control

Personal development often means a shift in responsibility. But we have to be cautious when assigning blame to ourselves.

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Beliefs Matter: The Power of Beliefs

The power of beliefs.

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