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The Right To Take Up Space

People who may suffer from excessive shyness and social anxiety often have internal beliefs that reinforce their behavior. A common belief at the root of this social anxiety is that deep down we don’t feel like we deserve positive attention. Instead of speaking our minds, we feel like we should cause as little disturbance as […]


Sitters and Rovers: Healthy Risk-Taking

Some biologists say that between 15-20% of the animal kingdom are sitters. They are defined as having a passive temperament – “slow-to-warm up” to their surroundings, and “often sitting on the sidelines observing.” The other 80% of animals are rovers. The have a more aggressive temperament, making them more engaged with their environment and motivated […]


God Gave You A Mind – Speak It!

I believe our minds are the most powerful things we have, yet each one seems to be a bit different. We all have different thoughts, ideas, values, and beliefs about the world and how we should live in it. I personally think it’s great, because the more diversity we have in our thoughts and beliefs, […]


Living Authentically With Evan Hadkins

It was my privilege to get to interview Evan Hadkins from Living Authentically – a great blog on self-development and mental health. Evan has actually been blogging since April 2007 and he’s been a consistent contributor to the personal development movement ever since. One thing I admire about Evan is that he is very outspoken […]


Personal Development Is For All Ages

When I first started exploring “personal development” I was 17 years old. Now I’m 22, and I imagine that personal development will be something that I continue to embark on until the day I die. From where I stand, I don’t see any reason to stop. There are always things to improve upon in one’s […]

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