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The 4 Fundamental Pillars of Emotional Intelligence

Usually when we think of “intelligence” we associate it with things like logic, math, and science. However, according to psychologists such as Daniel Goleman, “emotional intelligence” (EQ) is another aspect of intelligence that is often over-looked. The basic view of emotional intelligence is that emotions aren’t necessarily the opposite of thinking, but a different way […]

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Meditation Can Change Your Genes

Meditation has existed as a form of mental training for thousands of years, but it’s only recently that psychologists and neuroscientists have discovered just how much of a change it can make in our lives. Last year UCLA researchers found that those who had a long-term practice in meditation showed structural changes in parts of […]

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How to Actually Practice Multitasking

Multitasking is the act of trying to achieve two or more goals at the same exact time. Most research on multitasking tell us that is is ineffective. Often switching between two tasks divides our focus and depletes our mental resources quicker. This leads to a greater risk of making a mistake and less quality work […]

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Build a Diverse Group of Friends

Every single person we choose to associate with brings out a different side of us. Therefore, the more diverse our group of friends is, the more dynamic and flexible we become as an individual. A lot of us repeat the cliche that “opposites attract,” but psychology research tells a different story. We’re much more likely […]

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Just Complete One Goal Today

How often do you start something but never finish it? Often, it’s not even a goal that is that big or difficult, we just never get around to actually doing it. We start making a new song, or reading a new book, or writing a new blog post, and then we sit on it and […]

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