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Improve Feelings of Self-Love in 5 Minutes

Self-love is one of the most important attributes to cultivate. When you love yourself, other aspects of your life begin to fall into place naturally. This is because with self-love there is no fear and anxiety to prove yourself to others. You are comfortable in your own skin, living your own life the way you […]


Take The Smallest Step in the Right Direction

It takes more force to get an object moving than it does to keep it moving. Our lives are the same way. The most difficult part of making a change is to first get started. Once we do that, the momentum begins to build naturally, and it becomes a matter of time and patience. I […]

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How to Completely Forgive Yourself

“Every saint has a past and every sinner has a future.” – Oscar Wilde We have a natural tendency to blame ourselves when something goes wrong in our lives. This is because we have evolved to experience emotions like shame and regret, especially when we behave in a ways that violate the expectations of ourselves […]


The Psychology of Customer Service

At their core, psychology and business have a lot in common. Both seek to understand human being’s needs, desires, choices, and behaviors. What do people really want? What motivates people to make the decisions that they do? These are the types of questions that any psychologist or businessman should be asking themselves on a daily […]


“I Will Never Be Happy”

Have you ever had the thought that, “I will never be happy?” Be honest. Maybe at one point in your life the thought had at least crossed your mind, or maybe this belief still persists today even as you read the words on this page. Because I’ll be honest with you, I have had this […]