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10 Ways to Connect More on Your First Date

The whole point of dating is to connect with a person and see if they are compatible with us. First dates are important in making that connection as soon as possible. Often, these are the first impressions a person will have of us. And if a first date goes wrong, then it’s unlikely we will […]


8 Things Society Says You Need To Do (But You Really Don’t)

Everyone is influenced by society. We can’t help it. We like to believe that we are free and autonomous individuals, but the truth is parents, teachers, bosses, politicians, and religious figures play a huge role in the decisions we make and how we choose to live our lives. At an early age, we need guidance […]


Labeling Negative Emotions In The Moment Can Help You Overcome Them

A new study has found that labeling negative emotions as you experience them can help you overcome them. Researchers at UCLA recruited 88 participants who all had a fear of spiders. The aim of the study was to test which “emotional regulation” strategies were most effective in overcoming this fear. In the first part of […]


Improve Feelings of Self-Love in 5 Minutes

Self-love is one of the most important attributes to cultivate. When you love yourself, other aspects of your life begin to fall into place naturally. This is because with self-love there is no fear and anxiety to prove yourself to others. You are comfortable in your own skin, living your own life the way you […]


Take The Smallest Step in the Right Direction

It takes more force to get an object moving than it does to keep it moving. Our lives are the same way. The most difficult part of making a change is to first get started. Once we do that, the momentum begins to build naturally, and it becomes a matter of time and patience. I […]

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