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How To Deal With Stupid People

No one likes having to deal with stupid people, but the truth is most of us have to interact with people who we find to be stupid on a daily basis. This article will give you some sound tips for handling “stupid people” more friendly and effectively, while minimizing conflict and hostility.


Positive Peer Pressure

We often think of the term peer pressure to be a negative thing. We imagine teens trying to persuade other teens to do drugs, have reckless sex, or ditch school. But peer pressure is really just anytime our peers encourage us to change our values, attitudes, and behaviors. And it doesn’t always need to be […]


How Fictional Social Hierarchies Can Hurt Our Relationships

Many societies and cultures have “social rules” that determine how we should judge people and label them. I believe that many of these rules lead to social hierarchies (or fictional boundaries) that actually inhibit us from connecting with others in open, productive, and meaningful ways. In this article, I hope to explain how these social […]


Social Networks and Personal Accountability

Having supportive family and friends can sometimes make all the difference in our success. Supportive social networks provide personal accountability, which motivates and inspires us to stay dedicated to our goals. Without these supportive social circles, it can become incredibly more difficult to make the changes we need to succeed in our lives. It can […]

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How to Overcome Social Anxiety with Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

Everyone experiences a little bit of social anxiety depending on certain situations, but when we find that this anxiety impairs our ability to function in many everyday activities, then it may be time to seek out solutions such as Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT). Social anxiety is a general or specific fear regarding social situations. Almost everyone […]