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Relaxation: Passing Time in the Lazy River

Ever been in a lazy river before (like the one pictured below)? It’s a popular water ride found at amusement parks and resorts where you sit in a water tube and let the slow and gentle current drift you along. Usually they go around in a circle, so you can basically sit there for an […]

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Start The New Decade By Focusing On Relaxation

As we enter a new year, I would like to recommend we all take a new focus on what it means to live relaxed and centered. The holidays have ended, the economy continues to hurt, and many find themselves under hefty work schedules, but it is never a bad idea to take a step back to rejuvenate ourselves.

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Stress, Anxiety, And Daily Living


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Do Nothing For A Day

Why we should take a mental health day by doing nothing (or as little as possible) for the whole entire day.

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