Why Confidence Is One of The Most Important Traits to Our Evolution


Confidence is one of the most important traits in achieving a happy and successful life. In fact, a recent study published in the scientific journal Nature explains how confidence once played an important role in our evolution.

According to the research, confidence motivates us to take action in the face of uncertainty. So the more confident we are, the more motivated we are to face life’s challenges and fight for the resources we need to survive.

Throughout our evolutionary history, individuals without confidence were much less likely to survive and reproduce.

Of course, the truth is life is filled with uncertainty. We never really know how the future is going to turn out. And often due to this uncertainty we go into new situations fearing mistakes, rejection, and failure.

Confidence is what ultimately inspires us to overcome these fears.

In today’s world, we might be deathly afraid of being rejected by at a girl at a bar. So instead of taking the risk and starting a conversation, we just hang with our friends and never approach her.

Or maybe we are afraid of starting a new career because we don’t think we will be any good at it. So instead we stick with our old job, even though we hate it and get paid half the salary.

Lack of confidence can cause us to sabotage ourselves in all sorts of ways, before we can even give ourselves a chance to succeed.

Let me ask you a question. Do you think guys like Michael Jordan, Bruce Lee, and Tiger Woods got to where they are without believing in themselves? Of course not! They believed they were capable of great things, and that belief motivated them to work hard and make it happen.

That’s the whole purpose of confidence – to motivate and inspire us to move forward and make the most of our lives, even though we never know for sure exactly how things are going to work out.

Of course, sometimes due to years and years of being down on ourselves, it’s hard to find confidence. Here are useful tips to help build more of it in your life, but remember it takes time and practice:

  • Reflect on your strengths. Create a list of your strengths and save it as a positive reminder in the future.
  • View obstacles as learning experiences. Learn how to reframe any experience into something positive and growth-oriented.
  • Repeat positive affirmations about yourself.
  • Find a positive and supportive social circle. The people you surround yourself with (both online and offline) have an influence on your own attitude.
  • Practice power posing. Often times mirroring “confident” and “dominant” body postures can help create a more confident attitude.

  • Exercise and stay healthy. If you treat your body right, your mind will think better of yourself.
  • Visualize a more confident version of yourself. Use your imagination to get your mind thinking in a more positive direction.

Most of these are commonsense. But if you actually practice them, you will see more confidence in your life.

I’ve been studying psychology for 5 years now. Throughout those years I’ve discovered that there is nothing more important to our success than what we think about ourselves.

This is because confidence can be like a self-fulfilling belief. Often when we have positive beliefs about ourselves, that influences us to act in ways that bring us the results we want.

Evolutionarily, this is probably why confidence became a desirable trait.

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