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1. I over-think a lot of things before I do them.

2. I don’t need friends to be happy.

3. I’m there to help when someone needs me.

4. Time speeds by when I’m around a lot of people.

5. I do better working in groups rather than by myself.

6. I can go a full day without talking to anyone.

7. I get bored easily when I’m by myself.

8. I consider myself a private person.

9. I cancel plans with others simply because I don’t feel like hanging out with anyone.

10. I enjoy small talk with people.

11. After a day of heavy socializing, I need to spend the next day by myself.

12. I have more friends than the average person.

13. When people are in a bad mood, I don’t know what to say to them.

14. I’m good at entertaining myself without needing to be around others.

15. I prefer working out personal problems on my own.

16. I spend my weekends going out to parties, bars, concerts, and other social events.

17. I find myself more energized whenever I’m around a lot of people.

18. I prefer to spend my free time with family and friends.

19. I enjoy meeting new people.

20. I’m honest about my thoughts and feelings to others.

21. It takes me a long time before I consider someone a “friend.”

22. I’m a better listener than a talker.

23. I won’t talk about myself unless someone asks me a question.

24. I like to have attention on me when I’m around others.

25. When I go out socially, it’s with a small group of friends.