Meditation Technique (Body Awareness And Free Flowing Consciousness)


I will first admit that I do not follow any school or program of meditation but instead like to maintain mindfulness throughout my daily experiences while falling into deeper meditations when I am alone and if the opportunity arises.

Today I found myself particularly tired and overworked towards the end of the day, so I decided to lay down on my bed to get some rest. Originally intending to take a short nap, I instead chose to remain conscious after achieving my relaxed state. I often can remain relaxed while thinking about any kind of issue – from the most unpleasant of memories to my deepest concerns surrounding close friends and family members (interestingly, sex may be the only subject of thought that is likely to take me out of my passivity).

Today’s meditation was one of my more pleasant and insightful experiences I have had as of late. Specifically, I felt my cognition was clear: my rationalities were distinct and precise and my reasonings were just. My creativity also hit a peak. My metaphors and analogies spoke truths to my subconscious, and my subject matter was constantly changing but remaining just as relevant.

I would not call this experience a peak experience because I am often not too surprised anymore when life bewilders or awes me. Without further ado, let me introduce the position I found helpful to my practice, as well as a few guidelines to get you started:

  • You are going to first need a bed or some elevated flat surface that you can hang your hands off of so that you can feel the weight of gravity pulling down on them.
  • Then position yourself so that you are laying down on your bed (or whatever you are using) on your back in a comfortable position, with your legs approximately shoulder width apart and your feet falling away from each other.
  • Then take your arms over your head, clasp your palms together, and interlock your fingers (remember your hands should be hanging off the bed in a way so that you are  feeling the sensation of gravity working on your hands and maybe a bit of your forearms – this is important).
  • I then recommend you close your eyes and focus your awareness on this particular position of your body.
  • Remain mindful of the sensations it produces, and try to keep your attention on your body (not other matters) for roughly 10-15 minutes.
  • After that passes I want you to let your awareness begin to free float.  Let the mind go to whatever tendencies it wishes but remain mindful of these cognitions as they take place – not clinging to anything, but passively observing and letting the moments pass.
  • Be especially mindful to any issues regarding changes in your life, whether past or future, but remain as objective as you can. I found this meditation to be helpful for both creative analysis and problem solving.

I want to know what experiences you guys have with this meditative position along with this specific sequence of awareness that I suggest. I have my own thoughts for why I find it to be effective, but I will refrain from mentioning them in hopes that you guys can offer some of your own insights.

Thanks for testing it out and for any feedback I may receive.

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