My First Ebook On Mental Health And Energy

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I am going to keep this post simple. The past couple of days I have been writing intently on some ideas about mental well-being and human relationships. It is a short ebook – no more than 10 pages – but I think whoever reads it and tries to apply these ideas will find positive change in their lives.

In the future I may be selling ebooks like this for a very cheap price, but for now I want you guys to get a chance to enjoy some of this information for free.


“The evolution isn’t over. We are the experience that the universe is having.”
– Richard Bandler

The only thing I ask of you before I give you the download link is to subscribe to my newsletter. Here is the subscription form along with a bit of information. Once you enter your address you will get an email to confirm. Upon clicking this link you will be sent to the download page.

If you experience any problems then please e-mail me. Thanks and enjoy.

Information on newsletter:

    The Emotion Machine Newsletter is published twice every month. It’s content is divided between a variety of things including personal growth, productivity, psychology, health, spirituality, social philosophy, and entrepreneurship. Content will be a mix between new posts and various goodies I find across the net. This is one of the best ways to keep up with my latest whereabouts and at the same time receive a diverse collection of reading material from all over the web.

Feel free to leave me comments below and tell me what you think! Thanks again!

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