Why Nature Documentaries Are the Best TV Shows for Your Mental Health

nature documentaries

Not all TV shows are created equal, especially when it comes to your mental health.

We should all be mindful of the types of media we consume on a regular basis and how it impacts our mind (including TV, movies, books, magazines, news, etc.) because everything we choose to consume on a daily basis is going to have an effect on our thoughts, feelings, and perspective in some way.

According to a new study done for The Real Happiness Project by a team of researchers at BBC Earth and the University of California, Berkeley, it was discovered that watching “nature documentaries” was one of the best types of TV shows to boost your mental health.

A survey of 7,500 people was conducted where participants were asked to view a short clip of news, a popular drama TV show, or a nature documentary.

The results showed that those who watched the short clip of the nature documentary were more likely to report increased feelings of joy, amazement, awe, contentment, and curiosity. They also reported decreased feelings of stress, anxiety, anger, and fatigue.

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A Beginner’s Guide to Taking Cold Showers

taking cold showers

Cold showers have gained a lot of popularity over recent years.

The benefits are vast and range all the way from improving the quality of your skin to possibly improving symptoms of depression and many things in between.

If you have yet to enter the world of taking cold showers we are going to break down everything you’d want or need to know.

By the end of this article you will have a new tool in your arsenal and no excuses to avoid using it!

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How to Express Yourself Better in Your Writing

Most students do not have enough experience to express their opinion in writing without any problems. Their structure of sentences is weird and sometimes even the whole text doesn’t have any sense. It’s also sometimes too difficult to find the appropriate word, which can reflect your idea or emotion. That is why it is extremely important for students or even ordinary people to be able to express themselves with the aid of words. Therefore, we are going to help you to solve this difficult issue. We prepared the article, where we will discover some simple hints, which can improve your writing skills. So, let’s figure them out!

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How to Overcome Some of Life’s Emotional Obstacles

Everyone understands that emotions can be powerful forces. Anger, love, and sadness are some of the most powerful emotions around and while they do have a purpose, they can also lead people to make poor decisions. Sometimes, these emotional decisions can actually create emotional obstacles that prevent people from moving forward with their lives.

Many people struggle with these emotional obstacles and may need help getting past them. For people having issues with the emotional road blocks that life has placed in front of them, the followings tips may be able to make a difference.

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Stay Young at Heart

There is no stopping the sands of time, and a wise woman once said that getting older is “better than the alternative.” Nevertheless, as the years go by, it can become more of a challenge to do things that we once took for granted. That, along with the increased health problems that can accompany advancing years, can make it difficult to keep happy and motivated. With an increasingly aging population, this is an important subject that is likely to affect us all. So, what are the biggest challenges that the senior members of the community face, and how can they remain motivated, happy and healthy?

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