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3 Smart Rules to Follow When Changing Habits

changing habits

One of the biggest obstacles in “self improvement” is trying to change habits. We are what we repeatedly do, this is why it’s so important to be aware of our habits – and change them when they are leading us down a bad path.

Because ultimately, your daily routine is what decides where you are going in life and where you will find yourself in the future.

Do you have any habits you’re currently trying to change? Do you need some help in making this habit change easier and smoother? Here are 3 smart rules to follow when changing habits of any type.

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A Simple Trick to Help Downplay Your Negativity


We all have “positive” and “negative” traits about ourselves – things we like about ourselves vs. things we don’t really like.

Accepting both sides is important for being honest with ourselves. It’s important to be aware of both your strengths and weaknesses. No one’s perfect – everyone’s a mixed bag – and recognizing that can help see ourselves with more understanding.

The main problem isn’t that people accept their weaknesses, but that they tend to focus on them and exaggerate them.

A recent study discovered how we can downplay this negativity toward ourselves by how we speak about these negative traits – and how we can describe them in “less intense” ways.

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Start Living More As Your Future Self

future self

How often do you think about your future self? It could make all the difference in how happy and successful you are later in life.

You see, one of the biggest factors in making smart decisions is knowing when to pay short-term costs for long-term benefits. It’s about keeping the future in mind.

But for many, especially in our fast-paced world, there is a tendency for “instant gratification.” We want things now, not later – even if that means rejecting a much bigger reward in the future.

If you don’t think about your future self, and only consider your needs and wants in the present moment, then that can often lead to a lot of impulsive decisions that later come back to bite your ass.

True intelligence requires that we act with a long-term mindset. We need to pay attention to how what we do today is going to ultimately influence where we are tomorrow.

Sometimes it is more important to hold off on something now, so that we have even more to gain in the future.

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The Power of Cursing When Practicing Affirmations


Why do people use cursing in their everyday language? Perhaps many people see it as a sign of immaturity, but a recent study shows that cursing can sometimes help relieve pain and stress.

Often times, people use cursing to express passion and excitement. It doesn’t always have to be seen as a negative thing, and plenty of smart and respectful people use cursing every now and then.

However, one thing is for certain: cursing grabs our attention and makes us focus. And we can use this fact to our advantage in our own self-improvement.

For example, by practicing self-affirmations with cursing in them, we can make those affirmations more powerful, interesting, and engaging to our minds.

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4 Ways to Make the Most of Your Role Models

role models

One of the most important exercises I recommend in self improvement is to create a “role models” list and describe what you admire about each person and why.

Learning from other people can often be a much bigger resource for improving our lives than any book or class.

When you find someone who has real world experience in an area of life you want to improve, they can become an endless resource of education and motivation to fuel your own self improvement.

In this article, I describe things you can do to make the most of your role models. This is assuming you already have some role models to choose from and learn from.

The main goal with any role model is to get inside their head and try to understand their inner thoughts, feelings, and attitude as best as you can. Here are effective ways to start doing that.

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