Relationships Come and Go

relationships come and go

If there is one thing that is consistent throughout our lives, it’s that things are always changing. This is especially true for our relationships.

Try looking back on your life right now and remember all of the people whom you used to be close to but have since faded away from.

Maybe you had a big argument or fight with them, maybe they passed away, or maybe you two just took different paths in life.

Now, take a moment to look into the future and imagine all the new people you’ll possibly meet throughout the course of your life.

Maybe you’ll make new friends, or meet new employees at work, or get married, or have children, or encounter new people at concerts, bars, or parties.

Relationships come and go for many different reasons.

It can happen fast and suddenly, or it can happen slow and gradually – but the fact that our relationships change is inevitable.

People themselves are always changing.

People get older. People move to new places. People switch jobs. People go to different schools. People change hobbies. And people grow apart.

It doesn’t have to be seen as positive or negative, it’s just the way things really are in the world we live in.

When we come to expect that life will always be changing, and our relationships will always be changing, it becomes less surprising and less shocking when it actually happens.

There’s a tremendous power in being able to see your life how it is right now and accepting that it won’t always be that way.

By recognizing the impermanent and transient nature of our lives – including our relationships – we appreciate what we have more when we have it. We learn not take the people in our lives for granted, because they may not always be there tomorrow.

This perspective motivates us to make the most of what we have when we have it.

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