Relaxation: Passing Time in the Lazy River

Ever been in a lazy river before (like the one pictured below)? It’s a popular water ride found at amusement parks and resorts where you sit in a water tube and let the slow and gentle current drift you along.

Usually they go around in a circle, so you can basically sit there for an indefinite amount of time – not really having a care in the world. The whole experience can be really relaxing, and even a bit trance-inducing.

A good lazy river will also have some scenery (nature stuff – trees, flowers, waterfalls, maybe some animals) which can add a whole other layer of serenity.


I actually haven’t been in a lazy river in years. I know there is one at the Splish Splash in Riverhead, New York, but that’s at least a couple hours away and I haven’t made the trek yet (to be completely honest – I haven’t even been to the beach yet this summer, and that’s only 20 minutes away – yeah I’m bad).

But either way, I actually think the idea of a “lazy river” is a good analogy for relaxation. That’s because, when you’re in the lazy river, there is a healthy sense of non-striving:

  • You’re not trying to get anywhere.
  • You’re not trying to accomplish anything.
  • You’re not trying to control anything.

You’re just letting yourself flow wherever the water goes.

No fight. No resistance.

I think there is something incredibly useful in being able to tap into that energy every now and then.

To just relax – and not always feel like we need to go somewhere.

That’s not to say we should never try to have goals, or go anywhere important, or try to fight resistance. But I believe being able to turn off that drive every now and then is very healthy.

It allows us to take a step back, recharge our batteries, and maybe even re-examine what’s really important in our lives.


  • What is your “lazy river?” What activities do you do when you just want to sit back and relax? Meditate? Watch the weather? Listen to music?

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