self improvement

1. “I have positive and supportive relationships in my life.”

2. “I believe I can keep improving myself until the day I die.”

3. “I find it easy to connect with new people.”

4. “I try to make the most of life, no matter the situation.”

5. “I am comfortable spending time by myself.”

6. “I take care of my health and body.”

7. “I am capable of achieving my goals.”

8. “I learn from all of my emotions, both positive and negative.”

9. “I admit it when I make mistakes.”

10. “I enjoy the little pleasures in life.”

11. “I am happy with my financial well-being.”

12. “I pay attention to what I consume and put in my body.”

13. “I try to do physical activity at least 2-3 times a week.”

14. “I am always willing to learn new things.”

15. “I find satisfaction in my work and career.”

16. “The past doesn’t dictate the future.”

17. “I treat others with kindness and respect.”

18. “I find satisfaction and meaning in my work.”

19. “I bounce back from pain and failure quickly.”

20. “I deserve happiness and success.”