Social Transformation: A New Site on Social Anxiety and Relationships

As many of you already know, I now have a new site on relationships and social anxiety at Social Transformation.

Currently there are 40+ articles published on our blog, which provides many healthy tips and advice on how to better manage your social anxiety and build more social confidence.

In case you missed any of these articles, I wanted to take the time and highlight my favorite posts from this year. Check them out below!

Top 5 Articles Published at Social Transformation

The Logic Behind Social Anxiety: How Belief Patterns Become Self-fulfilling

One common theory about social anxiety is that it’s influenced by negative belief patterns, especially the belief that you are “unlikable” or “inferior.” A new study confirms this by identifying these beliefs in those with social anxiety.

How Your “Imaginary Audience” Feeds Into Your Social Anxiety

If you have social anxiety then you know what it’s like to always feel like you’re always being watched by others. Psychologists call it the myth of an “imaginary audience.”

Social Anxiety and Technology: A Double-Edged Sword

When it comes to social anxiety, technology can be a double-edged sword. In many ways, technology can be a huge blessing for those with social anxiety – but not without its costs.

People Think I Hate Them (But I Just Have Social Anxiety)

Social anxiety can often make us act very shy, withdrawn, and reserved around others. This can often be mistaken as not liking someone or “hating” them when we really don’t.

The Good Thing About Being a Sensitive Person

Do you consider yourself a “sensitive person?” Being a sensitive person isn’t always a bad thing, it means you’re attuned to your environment and the people around you.

My YouTube Channel

In addition to the many articles posted there, I’ve also recently created a new YouTube channel where I’ll be uploading new videos on a weekly basis.

To get you started, I’d like to share with you the top 5 videos we’ve published so far. The channel is only a few days old, but there’s already. Check it out…

My Top 5 Videos at Social Transformation

The 3 Second Rule: Anxiety is a Call to Action

Time is often not on your side when it comes to social anxiety. The more time that passes → the more time you have to over-think → the higher your anxiety levels. Sometimes you just need to act without thinking!

Radical Implosion: Why You Should Embarrass Yourself on Purpose

Radical implosion is an extreme form of “exposure therapy” where you purposely put yourself in situations that are intimidating and embarrassing. It’s based off of the ideas of the famous cognitive psychologist Albert Ellis.

How a Kindness Mindset Helps You Overcome Social Anxiety

A new study describes how engaging in small acts of kindness can be helpful if you have social anxiety. Check it out!

Letting Go of Your “Fixed Self”

The Greek philosopher Heraclitus once said, “No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man.” This wisdom touches on a fundamental truth that is the cornerstone of all self improvement.

Falling in Love From a Distance

Long distance crushes are often the result of “magical thinking” and idealizing people before we ever meet them. This is true whether we start catching feelings for someone online, or a celebrity, or even a fictional character on TV.

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