Spiritual Emptiness

spiritual emptiness

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They’re meant to be filled.

As human beings, we often experience that feeling of “emptiness.” Often this is covered with numerous material goods, which may help at the time, but does not last very long. Some people may resort to substances to try fill the void, others may resort to relationships, food, sex, gangs or even isolation.

More often than not, we would find that the void we so desperately try to fill cannot be filled by escaping or through external physical means. It cannot be fulfilled by change of demographics. We may try changing who we are in an attempt to fit in and even if we achieve a new feeling of belonging, the emptiness remains. The void remains. More often than not, the voids we seek to fill is because of our soul’s natural spiritual craving.

Now before we go any further, I am not referring to any set religion, although I feel that religion is a form of spiritually, I think it’s important to realize that religion may be effective for some, but it may not be effective for all.

Personally spiritually is having that external higher being I can rely on. An unexplainable higher power that helps me and serves as a reminder that, no matter what, I am not alone. Knowing and accepting that I can sometimes not do everything on my own and that I do need help. Putting one’s pride aside and asking for help is one of the most humbling experiences. It is a close-ness with a higher power of your understanding.

Spirituality is a sense of connection to something bigger than ourselves.

Spiritual Values

The way I see it, the void may not necessarily be caused by the lack of spirituality, because spiritually is a very broad concept. It’s what spirituality represents for me. So the void is not necessarily due to a lack spirituality itself, but by the lack of spiritual values.

Spiritual values often guide us and assist us to live a clean and healthy life. A happy life.These include values of honesty, of kindhearted-ness, of humility, of compassion, of love, forgiveness, tolerance and many other positive values.

One of the most powerful ways to grow our spirituality is to reassess our core values.

Now I don’t want to debate about what spiritually is, as this is a very broad topic and I will go into that in more detail in an upcoming post, the main intention for this post is to hopefully create self awareness. One of the scariest moments for myself was when I fully believed that I am living a value filled life.

    I was then asked the question by a close friend; “Okay cool, so what are the values?”

I found myself very uncomfortable, muttering, stuttering and started shouting out a whole bunch of nonsense that I thought was the “right thing to say.”

    “Uhm… Honesty, integrity, er.. love”

    A close friend of mine simply said;

    “I don’t believe you”

It was then that I came to realize that I did not actually have a defined set of spiritual values that I strive to live by on a daily basis!

More importantly, I realized that the spiritual values I strive to live by is not the crap that comes out of my mouth. It’s what everyone else sees. So I can have a defined set of spiritual principles I strive to live by. That gives me a goal, something that I know I need to work towards. But what really counts is how others see and experience these values. My value may be compassion and love for all, but if others do not experience this, then I may need to reassess and see where I might be failing.

Perhaps I claim to have unconditional love and compassion as a value, yet I hold onto deep and dark resentments and as a result the values aren’t actually lived fully, as a result, this prevents me from living out my values of unconditional love and compassion to the fullest.

    What are your values?

    Have these values been defined?

    More importantly, are you living out these spiritual values to the best of your ability?

    Is there anything holding you back from living out these values which needs to be attended to?

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