Staying On Top Of News And Opinion


Since late June, when I first announced that I wanted to become a professional writer/columnist, I have been brainstorming ways to become the very best writer and thinker I can be. To me, a big part of this meant diversifying my sources so that I get the most varied and balanced mix of news and opinion.

In that original post I put together a rough list of mainstream media outlets, libertarian resources and blogs (my main interest), as well as “alternative” sources of news and opinion. Since then I have expanded on this effort by putting together a public Libertarian Minds Feed (which you can also follow on Twitter) and a News Roundup Feed, for more general news on society, politics, economics, health, business, technology, and environment. Both feeds follow over 50+ sources each (you can see a complete list of the libertarian links here. I have yet to make one for News Roundup). Both feeds are constantly being updated as I discover new outlets.

So far these feeds have fulfilled their purpose beautifully. Every morning around 10AM I brew a pot of coffee, open up my FriendFeed, and begin opening tabs to new articles, videos, and podcasts. I then spend the next 2-3 hours going through each one. Periodically throughout the day I will again open up both feeds and consume any new topics of interest that may have developed since.

I want to keep this post short, but let me just end by saying: social media tools like Twitter, FriendFeed, Facebook, and Reddit are all great ways to organize your favorite links so you can follow updates on a day-to-day, moment-by-moment basis. I recommend this technique to anyone who wants to develop a deeper understanding of any topic, whether science, psychology, politics, music, art, blogging, etc. I know I will be creating more feeds in the future as my interests divert to different subjects.

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