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The Power of Asking Yourself Questions

Humans have an incredible capacity to reflect on their own self – their thoughts, emotions, habits, and relationships. It’s exactly this self-awareness that makes us so intelligent and gives us the ability to adapt to our environment so effectively. One of the most useful tools we have while reflecting is the power to ask ourselves […]


The Hidden Power of Anxiety

We often get trapped into thinking that we need to rid ourselves of all the stress and anxiety in our lives to be happy. However, the truth is that small amounts of stress and anxiety can actually be very beneficial toward living a healthy life. When we have anxiety, it means that we have a […]

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3 False Choices That Create Unnecessary Problems in Our Lives

A false choice is when we are presented a situation as having only two choices, when in fact other alternatives may be available to us. Often a false choice is a result of black and white thinking, in which we look at two extremes but don’t realize that the answer may be in a grey […]


Screw Your Excuses

“Screw your excuses.” Does reading that make your blood boil a bit? Good. It’s healthy to have our buttons pushed every now and then. It can help us snap out of all the automatic responses we re-enact on a daily basis: the routines, habits, and impulses that keep us trapped in the same patterns. The […]


“I Will Never Be Happy”

Have you ever had the thought that, “I will never be happy?” Be honest. Maybe at one point in your life the thought had at least crossed your mind, or maybe this belief still persists today even as you read the words on this page. Because I’ll be honest with you, I have had this […]