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Reconnecting With Your Body After Trauma

Our emotional experiences often have a physical component to them. When we’re nervous, we may feel a churning in our stomachs. When we’re disappointed, we may feel our hearts sink. And when we’re embarrassed, we may feel our faces flush. Our emotions don’t just exist in our minds, but also in our bodies. This is […]

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Progressive Relaxation Exercise

“Progressive relaxation” is a popular exercise used by physical therapists to help release any extra stress, anxiety, and tension that is pent up in your body, muscles, and joints. In one recent study it was found that progressive relaxation can help reduce stress, anxiety, and fatigue, as well as improve quality of life in individuals […]

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Body Ownership, Schizophrenia, and the Importance of Exercise

Summary Psychologists use a procedure called “The Rubber Hand Illusion” to challenge an individual’s sense of body ownership. A recently published study showed that schizophrenics – who already exhibit a weak sense of self – experienced the illusion to a greater degree than healthy controls. Other research suggests that focused physical exercise can help improve […]

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Balancing Meditation: A Mind-Body Exercise

Balancing meditation: A mind-body exercise for improving posture and muscle control.

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10 Easy Prep Snacks With High Protein

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