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10 Commonsense Tips for Increased Self-Esteem

I happen to think that healthy self-esteem is one of the most important attributes of a happy and productive person. My reasoning is simple: those who don’t believe in themselves automatically inhibit their potential by not thinking they are capable or deserving of achieving their values and goals in life. But those who do believe […]


The Most Common Causes of Anxiety

In this article I identify 3 of the most common forms of anxiety (including social anxiety, performance anxiety, and choice anxiety), as well as 5 of the most common causes of anxiety (including genes, health, psychology, history, and environment). Anxiety disorders affect between 13-18% of the general population, but the truth is we all experience […]


Bare Essentials of My Minimalist Workout


Introvert’s Guide To Thinking And Being Better

A personal development guide for introverts on how to channel their introversion in positive ways.


Do You Live In A Culture Of Fitness?

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