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How Much Love Can You Create in an fMRI in 5 Minutes?

In an interesting “1st Annual Love Competition” associated with The Stanford Center for Cognitive and Neurobiological Imaging, contestants had 5 minutes in an fMRI machine to love someone as hard as they could. The brain regions involved in producing the neurochemical experience of love were measured, and the contestant who generated the greatest level of […]

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Universal Compassion

I have a challenge for you – but first I want to write a little about universal compassion. Many religions and philosophies hold “universal compassion” as a moral value that we should try to practice in our everyday life. It is best defined as a desire to alleviate the suffering of others, and it is […]


30 Acts of Kindness

30 acts of loving-kindness. Perfect for cultivating good karma, spreading good in the world, and improving physical and mental well-being for both yourself and others.


PsychNews: Oct. 24 – 30

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