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How to Love Someone You Don’t Like

We don’t always have to like someone for us to have love for them. Sure – it may not be “friendship” love or “family” love or “romantic” love. However, we can have “compassionate” love for anyone, despite any differences or shortcomings that person may have. Compassion is our ability to understand and sympathize with the […]


30 Acts of Kindness

30 acts of loving-kindness. Perfect for cultivating good karma, spreading good in the world, and improving physical and mental well-being for both yourself and others.


Practice Interconnectedness Through Empathy


How To Do A True Act Of Kindness

It is only during these strange times of holiday cheer that we begin to feel comfortable enough to actively spread love and happiness. Let us maintain this positive momentum for the following 364 days of the year as well. For any time of the year, here are some ideas that I find most important to consider whenever we are giving gifts or doing someone else a favor.