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4 Mental Exercises Olympic Athletes Use To Gain That Extra Edge

Sports psychology is an emerging field of study on how our minds can affect physical and athletic performance. According to Peter Crocker, a sports psychologist and professor at the University of British Columbia, “Elite athletes have been using psychological techniques for years…it used to be that something had to be wrong for an athlete to […]

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How to Love Someone You Don’t Like

We don’t always have to like someone for us to have love for them. Sure – it may not be “friendship” love or “family” love or “romantic” love. However, we can have “compassionate” love for anyone, despite any differences or shortcomings that person may have. Compassion is our ability to understand and sympathize with the […]

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Mantras for the New Year

A couple days ago I asked people on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Tumblr, and LinkedIn to choose one mantra for the new year. Here are some of the responses I got. Feel free to share your own mantra in the comment section below. I’ll add my favorites to this post.

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