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The Connection Between Physical and Mental Health

One of the oldest myths in psychology is that our minds are separate from our bodies. Today, however, there is an overwhelming amount of research that shows how our mental health is directly influenced by our brains and biology. A big part of this influence comes from what we inherit from our genes, which we […]


Creativity and Happiness

For those who have been following this blog for a long time, you know that I usually like to take a very comprehensive and thorough approach to happiness and mental health. And one big part of that puzzle, to me, is creativity. Often times, creativity can provide us with many benefits. It helps keep our […]


The Biopsychosocial Model

Psychology is the study of the mind. In modern academia, it prides itself in its scientific progress and growing ability to objectively study human behavior and cognition. With the help of genetics, and the emergence of neuroscience, we now have great insight into the biological underpinnings of the human mind, and some of the biological […]