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The Right Environment for Success: People and Places That Inspire You

Success in any area of life never happens in a complete vacuum. Often it is just as much dependent on an individual’s will-power and intelligence as it is on their environment and outside circumstances. To find happiness and success, you therefore need to pay attention and take some control over the type of environments you […]

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Just Complete One Goal Today

How often do you start something but never finish it? Often, it’s not even a goal that is that big or difficult, we just never get around to actually doing it. We start making a new song, or reading a new book, or writing a new blog post, and then we sit on it and […]

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Framing Motivation in Terms of Losses

Psychology research shows that we are much more likely to take risks and invest time and energy to avoid losses, rather than to seek gains. This tendency has been coined loss aversion and it’s a peculiar quirk of human behavior and decision-making. The basic idea is that humans will go leaps and bounds to avoid […]

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You Don’t Realize How Resilient You Really Are

You don’t realize how resilient you really are until you find yourself in an extreme situation, and you have no choice but to face it with courage. Every day different people go through unexpected experiences. Sometimes, these experiences are extremely painful and traumatic, and they cause a lot of suffering in these people’s lives, as […]

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Connect to a Higher Purpose by Helping Others

To have a “higher purpose” in life means that you believe you serve a function in this world that is bigger than just your own self. A good amount of research over the past few years has shown the benefits of having a “higher purpose” to identify with. The basic idea is that by finding […]

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