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Permission To Be Negative

Positive-thinking isn’t for everyone. For me, it often feels like a chore. I feel as though I need to constantly monitor every thought that goes through my head, then ask myself, “Is this positive? Am I sending out ‘good vibes’?” It takes up a lot of unnecessary energy to always be positive – and I’m […]

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Healthy Self-Esteem: An Alternative to Self-Pity vs. Narcissism

Many people live their lives with very low self-esteem. They think that they are inadequate in achieving their own dreams, goals, and values; thus, they find themselves in a constant state of self-pity, disappointment, or even self-hate. The problem with this view is that it is rarely an accurate depiction of reality. Instead, our self-perception […]

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Toxic Happiness: The Downsides of Too Much Joy

Some research suggests that too much happiness can be a bad thing by giving us unrealistic expectations and making us more reckless decision-makers.

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Depression: The Yin of Happiness

Can depression sometimes be our teacher? Some science suggests that depression evokes a cognitive mechanism that helps solve personal problems.

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Equanimity, Impermanence, Non-Duality, and Emotional Balance

A stream-of-conscious meditation on equanimity, impermanence, non-duality and emotional balance.

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