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The Right To Take Up Space

People who may suffer from excessive shyness and social anxiety often have internal beliefs that reinforce their behavior. A common belief at the root of this social anxiety is that deep down we don’t feel like we deserve positive attention. Instead of speaking our minds, we feel like we should cause as little disturbance as […]


God Gave You A Mind – Speak It!

I believe our minds are the most powerful things we have, yet each one seems to be a bit different. We all have different thoughts, ideas, values, and beliefs about the world and how we should live in it. I personally think it’s great, because the more diversity we have in our thoughts and beliefs, […]


Anger Can Make Us More Rational

A recent study in Cognition and Emotion found that anger can sometimes make us more critical thinkers by inhibiting our confirmation bias. Instead of only searching for information that supports our beliefs, anger can create a “moving against” tendency that motivates us to seek alternative information that opposes our assumptions. The study had participants do […]


How To Develop A Palate For Anything


Staying On Top Of News And Opinion


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