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Self-Identity: I’m the Type of Person Who…

Your self-identity is how you view yourself as an individual person. It is the basic answer to the question, “Who am I?” However, how you view yourself isn’t always an accurate depiction of who you really are or what you can become in the future. Self-identity is a combination between your actual experiences with the […]

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Be Grateful for Your Senses

The most precious gifts in our lives, and consequently the things we happen to take for granted the most, are our senses: our vision, hearing, touch, taste, and smell – the building blocks of how we perceive and understand our world. I discovered two short and amazing videos that illustrate just how special our senses […]

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The Frozen Face Effect – Why Static Photographs May Not Do You Justice

Don’t like the way you look in photographs? New research published in the journal Frontiers in Psychology may have some good news for you. In a recent study, psychologists showed participants faces in the form of photographs and videos. They then had participants rate how attractive each face was. What they found was that we […]

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Blind People Use “Visual” Parts of Brain for Echolocation

A recent study with fMRI scans reveals that when blind people use echolocation it activates parts of the brain associated with vision.

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Emotions Are Like Poop: They Need to be Digested and Released

Emotions are like poop in the sense that they are a process of consumption, digestion, and release. Just like biological processes are designed to keep you in a state of physical homeostasis, psychological processes are designed to keep you in a state of mental homeostasis.

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