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Undeserved Self-Praise Can Lead to Depression

According to a recent study published in Emotion, students who evaluated their performance on an exam as higher than it actually was – a form of undeserved self-praise – later felt dejected and depressed. According to Chi-Yue Chiu, of Nanyang Technological University in Singapore: “Distress following excessive self-praise is likely to occur when a person’s […]

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When Trying to Fake Happiness Can Backfire on You

A popular piece of advice in psychology is to “fake it ’till you make it.” In other words, if we fake happiness (such as creating a “fake smile”) then eventually it actually becomes real and genuine happiness. I believe this is true to some degree. I often write about the importance of acting in new […]

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Self-Talk Can Improve Sports Performance

A recent meta-analysis of 32 psychology study confirms that how athletes use their self-talk greatly influences their sports performance.


Power of the Pen: 5 Scientific Reasons You Should be Writing More

The Power of the Pen: 5 Scientific Reasons to Write More


The Difference Between Routines vs. Rituals

What are the key differences between a ritual and a routine? How does one empower us while the other leaves us dull and unsatisfied?