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Social Anxiety and the Amygdala

A lot of our social anxiety is affected by an area in the brain called the amygdala. Research shows that the amygdala plays a big role in our emotional reactivity, especially our “fight-or-flight” response when the brain senses danger. Studies have found that an overactive amygdala often correlates with higher social anxiety and social phobia. […]

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Healthy Self-Esteem: An Alternative to Self-Pity vs. Narcissism

Many people live their lives with very low self-esteem. They think that they are inadequate in achieving their own dreams, goals, and values; thus, they find themselves in a constant state of self-pity, disappointment, or even self-hate. The problem with this view is that it is rarely an accurate depiction of reality. Instead, our self-perception […]

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Self-Talk Can Improve Sports Performance

A recent meta-analysis of 32 psychology study confirms that how athletes use their self-talk greatly influences their sports performance.

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50 Healthy Beliefs About Money

The beliefs we have about aspects of our lives greatly affect our actions. Here are a list of beliefs that I find are conducive to healthy money making and spending.

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75 Affirmations for Self Improvement

An affirmation is a belief that we repeat to ourselves in order to build it into our brain. A motivating affirmation can help lead us to personal development and success.

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