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Negative Visualization: 3 Meditations on Suffering and Tragedy

Trying to only think positively can give you a distorted and unhealthy view of reality. It doesn’t prepare you for the hardships and tragedy that many of us will often face throughout the course of our lives. There’s a tool called negative visualization that can help you build a more grounded and realistic view of […]

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Enjoy Yourself and Live


Toxic Happiness: The Downsides of Too Much Joy

Some research suggests that too much happiness can be a bad thing by giving us unrealistic expectations and making us more reckless decision-makers.


Depression: The Yin of Happiness

Can depression sometimes be our teacher? Some science suggests that depression evokes a cognitive mechanism that helps solve personal problems.


Open Mind Meditation

Open mind meditation is when we acknowledge whatever rises into consciousness without trying to react to it. Sensations, thoughts, emotions, memories, and imaginations may arise, but we don’t cling to them or avoid them – we just let them be. Open mind meditation is a full acceptance of whatever the present moment has to offer, […]