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5 Lessons I Learned In School And Now Want To Forget

At a very early age in our development, many of us are expected to go into educational institutions that prepare us for the real world. In theory, we should prepare young individuals with the life skills they will need to be successful as they reach adulthood. Subjects like science, math, English, and history can be […]


Anger Can Make Us More Rational

A recent study in Cognition and Emotion found that anger can sometimes make us more critical thinkers by inhibiting our confirmation bias. Instead of only searching for information that supports our beliefs, anger can create a “moving against” tendency that motivates us to seek alternative information that opposes our assumptions. The study had participants do […]


Not Everything Is In Your Control

Personal development often means a shift in responsibility. But we have to be cautious when assigning blame to ourselves.

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Beliefs Matter: The Power of Beliefs

The power of beliefs.


Should You Keep Your Goals To Yourself?

Keep Your Goals To Yourself? Some research suggests that talking about our future goals give us a false sense of accomplishment.