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Archive for March, 2011

Overcoming Resistance

Yesterday I was walking home from the grocery store and two young guys ran from behind me and tackled me to the ground. They immediately started hitting me, kicking me, and yelling at me to give them my money. My first thought was, “Holy shit, I’m being robbed. This has never happened to me before, […]


Top 50 in Wellness

Last year The Emotion Machine received a “Top 50 in Wellness” award from I hadn’t shared the award with anyone until now. Cheers! There were a lot of other good sites listed, many of which I’ve been a fan of for awhile: The Happiness Project Upgrade Reality Abundance Tapesty Yoga Journal The Jungle […]


Anger Can Make Us More Rational

A recent study in Cognition and Emotion found that anger can sometimes make us more critical thinkers by inhibiting our confirmation bias. Instead of only searching for information that supports our beliefs, anger can create a “moving against” tendency that motivates us to seek alternative information that opposes our assumptions. The study had participants do […]


Habits Matter

Our psychology and mental health is a two way street. Our internal states can affect our actions and habits, but our actions and habits can also affect our internal states. Studies have shown that changing our facial expression and posture can influence what we think and feel about our world. For example, in one study […]


CBT, Mindfulness, and Thinking

How Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and mindfulness can help us overcome many mental conditions that are “thought-focused” – like anxiety, OCD, and depression.