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Here’s a collection of the top 100 most visited articles at The Emotion Machine.

1. 50 Stress Relievers That Take 5 Minutes or Less

2. 50 Life Questions With No Easy Answers

3. How You Speak Is Just As Important As What You Say

4. 50 Tips to Maximize Productivity

5. Quotes on Criticism

6. 75 Affirmations for Personal Development

7. 5 Attitudes Wired in Happy and Successful Brains

8. Identify Your Habit Loops

9. 8 Biases That Cripple Smart Decision-Making

10. Quotes on Meaning

11. 100 Breaths Meditation

12. 8 Things Society Says You Need to Do (But You Really Don’t)

13. Turn Life Into Flow

14. How to Deal With Stupid People

15. How to Take Criticism Like a Champ

16. What Makes People Happy?

17. 6 Aspects of a Balanced Person

18. This Too Shall Pass: A Lesson in Impermanence

19. 5 Lessons I Learned in School and Now Want to Forget

20. The Purpose of Thinking

21. How to Love Someone You Don’t Like

22. 4 Mental Exercises Olympic Athletes Use To Gain That Extra Edge

23. Classification of Emotions

24. Power of the Pen: 5 Scientific Reasons to Write More

25. Social Anxiety and the Amygdala

26. 50 Things to Do While Unemployed

27. You Have to Be Happy Before You Make Someone Else Happy

28. The Psychology of Laughter

29. Reframing Approach Anxiety

30. Mindfulness and Neuroplasticity

31. Emotions Are a Resource, Not a Crutch

32. Reflection Improves Learning

33. Depression Is Just A Stepping Stone

34. Things Could Be Worse: The Stoic’s Guide to Happiness

35. 50 Ways to Constructively Channel Negative Emotions

36. How Do You Know When to End a Relationship?

37. Know Your Passion: 5 Identifiers

38. Urge Surfing: How to Overcome Addictive Behaviors

39. Changing Your Emotional Style

40. Stress: Portrait of a Killer

41. Quick Tips for Reframing

42. How to Change Habits with 20 Minutes of Visualization

43. Keep Your Goals to Yourself?

44. 10 Personal Development Blogs You Should Check Out

45. Self-Talk Can Improve Sports Performance

46. 5 Steps Toward Regaining Consciousness

47. Beliefs and Your Map of Reality

48. How Your Brain Reacts to Mistakes Depends on Your Mindset

49. Create a Timeline to Better Envision Your Goals

50. The Benefits of Mindfulness

51. The Dark Sides of Our Digital Self

52. How We Use Music to Manage Our Stress and Emotions

53. Blur the Line Between Work and Play

54. STOP: Daily Injections of Mindfulness

55. Social Anxiety and CBT

56. Things Could Be Worse: The Stoics Guide to Happiness

57. How to Create Your Own Self-Hypnosis Audio

58. Flourish: A New Understanding of Happiness and Well-Being

59. Challenge Your Brain – And Other Ways to Maintain Cognitive Fitness

60. What is Personal Development?

61. 6 Tell-Tale Signs You’re Going to Fail

62. How to Overcome Awkward Phases of Self-Improvement

63. The Connection Between Physical and Mental Health

64. Re-visiting Your Goals and Aspirations

65. Everyone Needs a Creative Endeavor

66. Mindfulness Practice: 10 Minutes of Sound

67. Why Buying Experiences Is Better Than Buying Stuff

68. Learn from Guilt and Improve Your Relationships

69. How to Make Girls Chase: An Interview with Chase Amante

70. This Is Just Who I Am

71. The Problem with Black and White Thinking

72. Empathy and Evolution

73. How to Be 100% Honest With Yourself

74. How to Disempower Intrusive Thoughts

75. Money On My Mind: Tips for Financial Wellness

76. The Curse of Familiarity

77. Downsides to Happiness

78. The Uses and Abuses of Setting Deadlines

79. How to Be a Better Opportunist

80. Permission to Be Negative

81. Unschooling: Rekindling the Desire to Learn

82. How to Create a Less Stressful Work Environment

83. Try One Small Habit Change – Just for This Week

84. The Desire to Change People

85. Perspective-Taking: A Tool for Building Stronger Relationships

86. Minimalism and Money

87. Practice Is More Important Than Theory

88. You Create Your Own Meaning in Life

89. Slow Breathing Exercise for Reducing Anxiety

90. Fake Smiles at Work May Be Unhealthy

91. How We Find Motivation in Other People’s Struggles

92. How to Practice Interconnectedness Through Empathy

93. NLP and Creativity

94. Positive Peer Pressure

95. The Wrong Way to Help People

96. Be Interested in Everyone

97. Working Hard vs. Staying Busy

98. Why We Ignore Advice When We Need It The Most

99. Self-Love Meditation in 5 Minutes

100. How to Change the Way You Process Negative Emotions

101. Transcendent Man

102. How to Completely Forgive Yourself

103. How Fictional Social Hierarchies Can Hurt Our Relationships

104. The Power of No Expectations

105. The Benefits of Creating Positive Relationships

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