30 Positive Reframes: How to Start Changing Your Perspective on Life

positive reframe

The single most important attribute in cultivating happiness and success in your life is your ability to create positive reframes.

A positive reframe is taking a situation and trying to find something good in it. It’s incredibly simple in theory, but it can be very difficult to practice.

Two people can have the same exact experience but walk away from it with a completely different perspective and interpretation of the facts. This is the power of reframing.

This article shares 30 positive reframes when it comes to both yourself and others. It takes a characteristic that is usually seen as “negative” and then twists it to make it more “positive.”

Interestingly, a new study has discovered that reframing a negative personality trait can lead to positive results.

For example, individuals who were told that their “impulsivity” was a sign of “creativity,” ended up performing better on creative tasks than individuals who weren’t told this. This shows how looking at our personality traits in a new way can lead to new behaviors.

Try to think of the list below as a resource to help you think more positively. It won’t make you a master of positive reframes, but it is a great starting point to get you thinking in a different direction.

Negative Frame → Positive Frame

  • Argumentative → Truth-seeking
  • Bossy → Good director / Natural leader
  • Clingy → Affectionate
  • Compulsive → Efficient / Attention to detail
  • Conceited → Confident / Values self
  • Crabby → Communicates needs
  • Dawdles → Easy-going
  • Defiant → Strong beliefs / Courageous
  • Demanding → Assertive
  • Dependent → Connected
  • Doodles → Creative
  • Dramatic → Emotionally aware / Expressive
  • Fearful → Thoughtful / Careful
  • Foolish → Fun loving
  • Fussy → Specific tastes / Strong sense of self
  • Goofy → Joyful / Entertaining
  • Impulsive → Spontaneous
  • Loud → Exuberant / Confident
  • Manipulative → Gets own needs met
  • Mean → Power-seeking
  • Messy → Open-minded / Easy-going
  • Mouthy → Expressive / Has strong opinions
  • Naughty → Independent / Exploring boundaries
  • Nosey → Curious / Inquisitive
  • Quiet → Thoughtful / Reflective
  • Rigid → Organized / Knows what they want
  • Shy → Introspective / Respectful of boundaries
  • Silly → Good sense of humor
  • Stubborn → Determined / Persistent
  • Talkative → Good communicator / Expressive
  • Wants Attention → Speaks out needs

  • These are just suggestions on how you can turn a perceived “negative” into a “positive reframe.”

    Hopefully, reading through this list gives you some ideas on the types of things you can reframe in your daily life. The possibilities are endless, but you have to first be open to a more positive perspective.

    Keep in mind, looking at life through a positive reframe doesn’t mean you ignore the stress, pain, and suffering in life, but it does help you deal with these problems more efficiently by seeing them in a different light.

    The better you are at viewing life through a positive reframe, the more happiness and success you’ll find.

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