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DMT (Dimethyltryptamine): The Psychedelic “Spirit Molecule”

Interesting information and an upcoming documentary on the famous psychedelic drug DMT.

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Joe Rogan’s Isolation Tank And Sensory Deprivation

Many of you might be aware of comedian and actor Joe Rogan from the game show Fear Factor. It is also widely known among fans about his experimentation with psychedelic drugs like DMT, which is a naturally-occuring tryptamine in the human body, a neurotransmitter some speculate plays a role in mediating the visual effects of […]

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Thoughts On The Nature of Reality, Experience and Meditation

What is reality? What is experience? What is consciousness? How can meditation help in answering these questions?

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Hypnosis Explained (Debunking The Myths)

Is hypnosis really witchcraft? Why are there so many lies and superstitions about such a natural process?

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The Notion Of No Self

What is the self? What does it mean to have “no self”? How can this concept help us to improve the conditions of our world?

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