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How Taking Breaks Boosts Creativity

At times the most healthy thing we can do to help our creativity is to just walk away from a project for a little while. The most creative discoveries usually don’t happen when trying to tackle a project directly through logic or reason or planning. We can’t force creativity to happen. Instead, creativity often comes […]

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Treating Traumatic Nightmares With Virtual Reality

One of the most devastating symptoms of those who suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is terrifying nightmares. Sometimes these nightmares can be so intense that they lead to panic attacks, vivid flashbacks of negative past events, and even aggressive behavior. The U.S. Army is currently doing research on how to counteract these nightmares by […]


The Very, Very Lonely Path Of Knowledge And Self-Actualization


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Carl Jung: Wisdom Of Dreams

Carl Jung was one of the greatest explorers of the human mind, his ideas having profoundly influenced such varied disciplines as art, anthropology, atomic physics, philosophy, mythology, theology and parapsychology, as well as the development of psychology and psychotherapy.


Dream Diaries and Mental Health

What importance to dreams have to our everyday lives? Are they just random neural firings? Do they reflect something in our subconscious?