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Milton Friedman’s “Free To Choose”

“Free to Choose” maintains that the free market works best for all member of a society, provides examples of how the market works, and proposes how to solve problems in the economy.


Raising Taxes On Drug Addicts: A Cigarette Hypocrisy In America

How can we help those who are addicted to smoking cigarettes? To what extent do we have the right to intervene on the personal habits of others?

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U.S. Trend Forecaster Gerald Celente Predicts Rise Of Third Political Party

Celente says the second American Revolution has already begun. And it may result in the formation of a “Progressive Libertarian” party.

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Do Nothing For A Day

Why we should take a mental health day by doing nothing (or as little as possible) for the whole entire day.

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Build Your Career Around Your Life (Not Your Life Around Your Career)


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