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High Brainwaves Critical for Learning and Memory


Social Anxiety and the Amygdala

A lot of our social anxiety is affected by an area in the brain called the amygdala. Research shows that the amygdala plays a big role in our emotional reactivity, especially our “fight-or-flight” response when the brain senses danger. Studies have found that an overactive amygdala often correlates with higher social anxiety and social phobia. […]


Conjoined Twins Share Brain And Much More

Krista and Tatiana are a remarkable pair of twins. Conjoined at the head, they share neurological wiring that allows them to sense each other’s experiences.

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Blind People Use “Visual” Parts of Brain for Echolocation

A recent study with fMRI scans reveals that when blind people use echolocation it activates parts of the brain associated with vision.

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Classification of Emotions

Many scientists have attempted to break-down the range of human emotions that we experience, but there is still no clear consensus.