How Building A Better Body Can Change Your Life

better body

This is a guest post from Regan at Fix My Broken Mind, a site that focussing on rebuilding your well being from the ground up.

The benefits of building a better body stretch far beyond looking good and inflating our egos.

Through lifting weights and exercising we are able to improve our lives on more fundamental levels than one.

As you begin to see changes in your body you begin to see a different person.

This new person you are looking at can do things the old you would have never dreamed possible.

After all, if you can change your body you can change your life…

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7 Ways You Can Fight Depression in the Corporate World

It’s not that hard to take some time off to get better if you suffer from a broken leg or nasty flu. However, when you are battling with mental health issues, recovery can be much trickier. You can’t take a magic pill and simply ‘resting at home’ won’t necessarily change the situation.

What can you do when you are depressed and the corporate world is still knocking on your door? Here are seven ways you can fight depression in the corporate world.

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Why Recovery is Important for Both Yourself and Your Loved Ones


Drug addiction is a very serious disorder that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Once an individual becomes addicted to an illicit substance (or even a prescribed medication from a doctor), they often lose complete control over their choices and habits.

This is why it can be so painful to witness drug addiction happen in your life, not just for the person struggling, but also for loved ones who helplessly watch on the sidelines wondering, “What did I do wrong?” or “What can I do differently to help this person I love?”

The simple truth is: Drug addiction is often no one’s fault. Those struggling with addiction can be victims of circumstances and unfortunate situations that lead them to turn to drugs to temporarily escape their problems.

A drug addict’s life can become a vicious cycle of never being satisfied and always searching to fulfill their next craving. That’s all they can focus on. This can make the road to recovery a very tricky and complex problem.

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How to Tell a Story Through Your Presentation

Presenting a talk is often thought of as one of the more frightening tasks you can undertake. However, if you know how to present your information as a story, your talk may go more smoothly and attract more interest. How to put the story together is not as daunting as it may seem because story-style presentations have been studied intensely. You can access more than a few models online, and tips for putting together presentations that tell stories abound.

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